―The Bond between humans and beasts will change the World―

    On the adventure journey of Kyle and Ray, they strengthen the bond of friendship with their friends along the way and weaves the epic story of a mobile RPG game “LAST CLOUDIA”. In addition to scenario and battle system, “LAST CLOUDIA” must-have features, highly flexible character growth and customization, BGM, high quality CGI movies, etc., so packed with various elements that cannot be describe in just a few words. In the real time battle system, situation of the dynamic battle made possible by pixel art characters and 3D background, changes in a fraction of a second. Each of the characters has its own skills and deathblow, not only built with stunning visual effects but also the ability to get out of a pinch maximizing the exhilarating experience. Let your unique characters learn the skills you like, build your own battle style.

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  • Guardians

    "Grandaria" A world defeated and being destroyed by the gods Protect people from attacking monsters!

    Directed by Hisatoshi Hayakashi, the executive producer of Brave Frontier, Guardians is Aidis's debut work. An easily-accessible MMORPG with intuitive tap & swipe controls, Guardians lets gamers slide into an alter ego just by choosing an avatar and a job. Unlike past MMORPGs which have a reputation for difficult controls, the game has simple, straightforward controls so players can dive right in without instructions. There are two modes: World Mode where players adventure with others through vast fields and Quest Mode where players tackle mighty monsters with friends. This allows players to play alone or with others as they wish. Plus players can play all they want at any time because there is no time-based stamina system. All of this lets each gamer create a custom playing style.


    The mystery of the seal, the vanished truth. This is a story of memories and fate. A rondo of wars woven by gods and demons.

    The team united around one pure goal: “We want to make really interesting games!” We believe that interesting games must support multiplayer so people can play with their friends. They need simple controls. Fantastic graphics. And amazing music. Since up to 4 people can quest together at once, users can play with the character of their choice. A new control style lets gamers battle freely. We worked with some of our favorite people to refine and polish the finest music and graphics. We're sure you'll love them. What's more, the game development was handled by NextNinja Co., Ltd. (based in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. President and CEO: Shigeyuki Yamagishi), an excellent developer with an impressive track record of producing and managing smartphone games. Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) is in charge of the music. Spectacular voice actors such as Teruya Kakihara, Saori Goto and Satoshi Hino also came on board to help us bring this grand worldview to the next level.

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