Creating the world’s most popular games.

Are there any movies, cartoons and games from your childhood that made a huge impression on you? Do you vividly remember them even now? Our goal is to make timeless, unforgettable games. By creating games which can be played by many people, we believe we can harness the power of inspiration to build a brighter and more wonderful world.


Inspiring the world with games.

We believe in the power of games. The power to inspire all. Inspiration gives people the energy and motivation they need to live a wonderful life. With the power to inspire people, we believe we can make the world brighter and spiritually richer.




    Aidis is a company that creates games. Games are not games if they are not fun. As game creators, we enjoy creating and playing games more than anyone else.



    Aidis is an association of creative fellows. In addition to their areas of expertise, all our members also approach their roles as game creators with professionalism and constantly aim to improve their output.



    There is a limit to what anyone can do on their own, whether it's developing a game or creating a company. Aidis is a group of friends banding together to create results beyond an individual's abilities. By sharing the same vision and pooling our strengths, we aim to create works which evoke even greater emotion.