Pursue excellence in creating the "Best Game" that enriches people's life and deliver to people around the world.

There are many different games on many different platforms. Home consoles, PC, smartphones and other platforms each have their own characteristics and bring diversity to gaming as a form of entertainment. However, for people who just wanna pick up a game and play, the only difference is “where to play”.

Aidis was born to let “as many people as possible” enjoy “the best games.”
However different people have different ideas of what “the best game” is.
A lot depends on the age of the player and the environment they were raised in.
However, game companies in the past have certainly created “best games” acclaimed by everyone in a particular era.

I believe the best way to express our gratitude to those games which have enriched our lives is by creating games that can equal and even surpass them. Because those who experience ‘the best games’ will further expand the base of gaming as entertainment.

Nowadays, if you create a truly fun game, chances are it will be played not only in Japan but all around the world. Knowing this, all of us at Aidis are united in our quest to develop thoroughly fascinating games so that we can truly become a game company that creates the very best games.

We hope you will try our games when you get the chance.

Hisatoshi Hayakashi
Representative Director and President
Aidis Inc.